About Timberland Investments

Why Invest In Timberland?

In addition to competitive returns, timberland provides investors numerous benefits that distinguish it from other investments — including increased portfolio diversification, sustainability, inflation protection and more.

Advantages of Timberland

Forest Investment Management

Our Time-Tested Strategy

FIA’s disciplined acquisition process, active and intensive management, and early planning for future dispositions have contributed to our track record.

Our Investment Strategy

International Timber Investing

Global Timberland Assets

FIA manages more than 2 million acres of timberland in North and South America.

Timberland Map

ESG & Sustainable Forestry

A Sustainable Asset for the Future

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of our clients’ timberland assets increases long-term value and is integral to our management philosophy.

Sustainable Practices


A Keen Eye For Excellence

FIA evaluates and assesses timberland assets worldwide to acquire multiple, distinct, high-quality properties.

Acquisition Strategy


Cultivating Value

Our team uses its wide network of contacts and knowledge of current market dynamics to make consistently sound decisions on when to sell, striving to deliver optimum investment performance.

Disposition Strategy