Pictured from L to R:  Andrew L. Boutwell, Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Management, MaryKate H. Bullen, Managing Director, Head of Business Development & Sustainability, Michael P. Cerchiaro, President and CEO, and Marc A. Walley, Senior Managing Director

FIA Announces Executive Leadership Changes

Effective January 1, 2024 Mike Cerchiaro elevates to President and CEO of FIA and Andrew Boutwell becomes Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Management.

By the Numbers

From Humble Beginnings More Than 38 Years Ago

FIA has grown significantly and expanded our reach across the globe.

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Assets Under Management
numbers are approximate as of 3/31/24
Investing in Timberland

Why Invest in Timberland?

An excellent component of a balanced portfolio, global timberland offers consistent cash yield, inflation protection, low correlations, returns and more, while producing one of humanity’s most basic needs (fiber) and capturing carbon for the long term.

Advantages of Timberland

ESG & Sustainable Forestry

Rooted In Sustainability

Our commitment to timberland conservation helps protect the planet while encouraging sustained value and competitive financial returns.

Sustainable Practices

Responsible Investment Management

Growing Timberland Portfolios Across the World

FIA offers customized separate accounts and commingled fund investments to allow maximum flexibility in meeting portfolio objectives.

Retail Land Sales

Buying Timberland

Looking to purchase timberland? Our team of land management experts is ready to assist.

Land Sales

Recreational Leases

Hunting On Timberland

Interested in acquiring a hunting lease? Get in touch with an FIA representative today.

Hunting Information


Q&A – FIA’s ESG Principles and Commitments to Sustainable Investment

As part of FIA’s ESG Policy, the company has embedded a set of ESG Principles into its policy and procedural framework for responsible investment.

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