FIA is proud to share our 2020 Sustainability Report, which discusses our approach and progress in responsible investing across our global forestry investment business. Each year, FIA focuses our annual sustainability report on a topic important to forests and the goods and services they produce for society. Our 2020 report features the contribution of forests to rural communities and to the rural economy. Across the globe wherever sustainably managed forests exist, they are a primary contributor to the fabric and resiliency of rural communities.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report also discusses how managed forests provide jobs, clean air and water, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, solutions that help mitigate climate change and a host of other important attributes. For example, the graphic below summarizes FIA’s view on the core contributions we can make via responsible timberland investments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

While sustainability has been at the core of our forest stewardship approach for our more than 35 years of experience, we seek to be transparent and to engage with our stakeholders regarding our continual improvement in managing investments to create better outcomes for our clients, the environment and society. We believe engagement with our clients and peers in sustainable investment will help us improve as responsible investors, and we hope this report advances the dialogue on forestry investment as a vital part of rising interest in sustainable investments. Throughout this report, we share stories about our team with a focus on intergenerational families active in the forest sector. We hope these vignettes bring to life the theme of this year’s report around the contribution of the forest sector to rural economies by sharing stories from individuals and families who play important roles across the forest economy. FIA is proud that our team includes such deep roots in forestry, endowing us with broader perspectives and insights that enhance our long-term approach to timberland investment.